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 1. What is Dropified?

Chase Brown is the founder and CEO of Dropified. There's not much information about him. Dropified was formerly Shopified App in Shopify. You cannot find Dropified in Shopify App store. You'll need to sign up Dropified and they'll automatically connect your shopify shop. 

Dropified is a complete application system that automates a major part of your e-commerce business. With that automation comes precision and reduced errors. It frees you or your virtual assistant from the drudge of time-consuming, mind-numbing repetitive tasks.

You can register your account here.

Dropified Home Page

2. What's Oberlo?

Oberlo is Shopify's #1 app on it's platform. It is the leading marketplace for entrepreneurs to search and find products to sell online. The Founders of Oberlo were: Marius Grauzinis, Donatas Pranckenas, Tomas Slimas, Andrius Slimas and Justas Galaburda. 

The Oberlo service lets you import products directly from the Chinese wholesaler such as AliExpress. Basically, the service is a drop shipper’s dream. Within a few minutes you can import thousands of targeted products to your Shopify store and then sell items directly to your customer.

According to crunchbase, Shopify is currently acquiring Oberlo for $15M and will finalise their transaction by November 2017. All of Oberlo's complaints and communications are currently handed over to Shopify's customer service.

3 What's the difference between Oberlo and Dropified?

Dropified is extremely similar to Oberlo but they seem to offer a lot more features in their free/starter pack. I personally use Oberlo and so far I love Oberlo. It's been great and easy. Not to mention, Dropified seem very promising - I've spoken to their live support about their key features and what they can offer vs Oberlo. This is how they compare:

According to the claim of Dropified, Oberlo is not even close to be compared to them. However the bottom comparison chart will help you decide. 

Dropified vs Oberlo

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It's very clear that Dropified offers a lot more than Oberlo. Although, Dropified sounds like a great dropshipping app considering it pulls it from many wholesaler but one thing is that you cannot really scale it due to the lack of automation available except for aliexpress. This applies to both Oberlo and Dropified. Aliexpress seems like the only wholesaler site that Dropified and Oberlo can automate, for now.

According to Chase Brown, they're looking to increase the number of stores that have automated order processing more in future so that's promising to see that they're working hard on Dropified. At the moment, Dropified seems like a clear winner here.

There's still no news about Oberlo's future update or its plan.

4. Key points

  • Oberlo's Expensive Pro feature is Dropified's basic Free or Elite plan which allows you to run your drop shipping business on Shopify using AliExpress.
  • Dropified is far ahead of the competition with dozens of time saving drop shipping features.
  • On Oberlo you cannot switch vendors, Captcha Solver, Image Editors, 3 Order Modes, and Importing Ali Reviews.
  • Dropified support offers live chat support and a lots of training to guide you through the process.
  • Dropified empowers you to manage all of your stores in one dashboard and add sub users with detailed permissions to help manage your stores.
  • Both Oberlo and Dropified have Chrome Extensions that allows you to import from aliexpress with a single click.

4. Pricing

Dropified's free plan allows you to order up to 100 per month along with 750 number of saved products with 100 product boards for a single store. If you exceed the 100 orders per month, you'll need to upgrade to their Elite plan or else ...i'm not sure what will happen, I'm guessing you'll either be forced to upgrade or your store will stop fulfilling automatically.

Even if you did upgrade, you're paying $47.00 per month and that allows you to have unlimited orders, saved products and much more. Plus, it's $27 per additional store.

To me personally, Dropified sounds amazing. Their free plan is already a solid start. Now let's take a look at Oberlo's pricing.

Oberlo's pricing

Oberlo's free plan allows you to have a maximum order of 50 per month, that means if you exceed this, you'll be charged at their basic plan which is $29.90. When you're advertising your store whether it'll be Black Friday, Christmas celebration offer, it's very easy to exceed 50 orders per month.

Also, they did not mentioned anything about having a second store's pricing or how will it co-exist with your current store affair. However, I remember reading in their forums that they'll treat your store as a singular store. For example, if you have 2 stores, and they both exceed 50 orders per month, you'll need to pay $29.90 x 2 = $59.80 per month. This can be quite expensive if you're solely relying on multiple dropshipping stores as income stream.

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With their basic plan, you can only upload up to 10,000 products and have a maximum orders of 500 per month. This again, might be a little bit of a problem if you're looking to scale big in the long run.

Keep in mind, it's uncertain how much you can sell in the event of market conditions such as your advertisement, occasions like Christmas or black friday, etc. Do you see yourself selling more than 500 a month? Realistically, on Christmas day, your store started booming selling more than 500 orders per month, you'll be subjected to Oberlo's highest tier; The Pro Plan and that's $79.90 a month.

Oberlo did mentioned that if you do not upgrade after exceeding your orders per month, your store will stop automatically and orders will not be fulfilled until you upgrade. This can be pain in the ass to manually fulfil orders. 

5. Conclusion

What stood out to me was, both of them are free to use. They both have Chrome extension that allows you to import product with a single click. So it comes down to face value between the two. Dropified runs on Pro version of Oberlo on their FREE starter pack which makes Oberlo look overpriced. 

Dropified is the clear winner here. Although I'm a big Oberlo fan because of how easy it is to use, but after doing thorough research and overseeing their features and functionality. It looks like I'll be switching over to Dropified soon.

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February 20, 2020

Very good review. I haven’t tried none of both tools yet. I’m using Easync for Shopify dropshipping.


September 15, 2018

Thanks for this in depth review. Did you ever switch to Dropified?

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