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Once a popular kid in school with no aim in life, a broken child whose notoriously renowned for his relentless violent brawl fights year after year, to defend and stand his ground against bullies, racism and troublemakers. Often perceived as a troublemaker but his intention has proved many wrong. After living under the heavy influence of prevailing violence, abuse and confrontation, this quickly became part of Aaron's life, breaking his enemies one by one both physically and mentally throughout the years of horror.

There was no glory nor pride that was driving it. It was simply a motivation of pure hatred and revenge of those who had harm him and his family. Often, joint dislocation or breaking bones would mostly halt anyone in a fight and will need immediate medical attention. That however, didn't stop Aaron; to him it was mostly annoyance until he fully delivers his wrath.

It wasn't long until Aaron realised this was a vain, stupid lifestyle he did not want to continue living. He didn't want to be like everyone else who always resorted to violence. His life became more meaningless and pettier by the day, violence grew by the second.

With all the unnecessary drama that was surrounding and following Aaron, soon he was nearing the end of his study term where he got relocated to UK for his final year. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, some say.

Aaron was going through a relentlessly difficult period of time with his life; balancing the world of friendship and own life goal until he realised he was about to travel far away from his hometown. Soon, he quickly discerned that this was an opportunity to start everything anew, there was more to life after all.

His vision became clearer, his life purpose was rekindled, people were a lot more intelligent, decisive and brought the best out of him.

In fact, he had prospered.

Violence wasn't always an answer.

Aaron was always very well-regarded for his loyalty, compassion and generosity when it comes to acquaintance till this day. Most notably, his charisma. It was very easy for many to recalled this and, nothing would be expected back. Not because he was born in wealth nor wealth's got anything to do with it but it was mainly brought upon his upbringing as a child to respect others and offer it willingly from his heart.

It was the only etiquette he knew in such discipline and significance; it had impacted his life and the people around him.

Soon, he realised many of his cunning friends took advantage of this opportunity whenever they had the chance.

As the day past, his circle of friends grew smaller, and those who once betrayed his trust disappeared from his life quickly without a question; those who snitched, some stole his monies, some live a life of deception cheating on their partner's back proves their short loyalty, or their lovers desperately looking to commit adultery. This was no different at work where he spent the last three and a half years within the financial banking industry, an industry that was strongly admired, praised and glorified by many.

Behind was driven by politics, fear, an old-school traditional micromanagement and people who-you-know connections. There were a lot of betrayal, rats and greed that Aaron had worked with, where he had to bite the bullet. He often wished, sometimes pray, a brutal death and suffering upon them and their family.

It was already made known that not all friendships were made perfect. They will always have some level of flaws which brings to question whether their flaw is enough to end it and move on.

Even when it comes to his own colleagues, no matter how good they treated him - almost like a brother. In times of desperate need, no one stood up and truth soon unfolded itself before his very eyes. Many would go great lengths to look impressive and worthy towards a group of higher social standing. It was all driven selfishly by an ulterior motive for their own self-gain and hunger all this time, with a complete disregard for anyone else as long as they get what they want.

Soon, friends became enemies very quickly. All these fakes associates, thieves, gold-diggers and broken social groups that were once Aaron's life, were immediately forgotten and replaced with genuine companionship as the day goes by.

Fortunately, he knows very well how corporate and its politic affair works but knowing Aaron, sometimes he just simply doesn't give a fuck. It was as if this whole experience had brought his nightmare back in a more sophisticated way. He loathe fake people more than anything. It wasn’t long till he changed his career completely to IT.

Those years of solid friendship would had brought heavy burden to one's shoulder and emotions. Since then, this had made Aaron selecting his friends carefully over the years.

In all fairness and simplicity, when it comes to friendship; Aaron highly treasures loyalty and enjoying intellectual conversation. This doesn't mean he doesn't welcome anymore good companionship. There's always a bit of crack and jokes.

You either love him or hate him.